Asset Allocation Advice for Older Retirees

    Nov 5, 2015 5:52:10 PM
    Author: Scott Hanson

    Asset Allocation Advice for Older Retirees

    October 2015

    Your age is just one factor in determining the right mix of investments. Read Full Article.

    In Kiplinger, Scott Hanson answers the question: My father recently passed away, and I’ve been helping my mom figure out her finances. Mom paid all of the bills over the years, but Dad took care of the investments with the help of a long-time stockbroker. Her home is paid for, and she has about $60,000 in income from pensions and Social Security, so she’s fine financially, but I’m a little concerned about her investments. She has about $500,000 in her IRA and brokerage account, but she is allocated almost 70% in stocks. Is that too much in stocks for someone in her 80s? Read more.

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