Why Trump’s Move to Dismantle Rule Protecting Investors Isn’t a Bad Idea

    February 2017

    In his latest column, Scott Hanson talks about why he is in favor of Trump's executive order to dismantle the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule. Read more.

    Hidden Fees Cost Consumers Billions: Which Ones Are the Worst?

    December 2016

    Scott Hanson warns that retirement investing may be the worst offender when it comes to hidden fees. Read More

    3 Student Loan Resolutions for 2017

    December 2016

    Scott Hanson provides tips to Nerd Wallet on strategies to help manage student loan debt. Read More

    7 New Year's resolutions to help you meet financial goals and retire well.

    December 2016

    Scott Hanson provides Bankrate with tips for cutting spending in the New Year. Read More

    How the Fed Rate Hike Affects Retirement Savings

    December 2016

    Scott Hanson chats with Jill Cornfield of Bankrate regarding the Fed rate hike and the effect on retirement. Read More

    100 Fastest Growing RIA Firms Over Ten Years

    December 2016

    Hanson McClain Advisors was named to the 2016 Forbes list of fastest growing RIA firms. Read More

    Local Advisor Guides Blind CIM Runner

    December 2016

    Scott Hanson talks about guiding visually impaired runner, Erich Manser, in the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) National Marathon Championships. Watch Video

    Is your employer using your 401(k) to rip you off?

    November 2016

    Scott Hanson sheds some light on the prevalence of companies profiting off of their employees' retirement savings. Read full article.

    Technology that Improves Client Service with Fewer People

    November 2016

    Scott Hanson shares a solution to lower costs for financial advising firms by integrating technology. Read full article.

    Here’s an Idea: Don’t Retire at All

    November 2016

    Scott Hanson can't see himself retiring. In his latest article for Market Watch, he talks about not wanting to retire and the two major reasons why people don't retire. Read full article.

    Why This Retirement Adviser Doesn’t Plan to Retire

    October 2016

    As a financial adviser for 25 years, Scott Hanson can't see himself retiring. In his latest article for Next Avenue, he talks about why he never wants to retire. Read full article.

    Here are the debate issues we deserve to hear about.

    October 2016

    As we prepare for the debate on Sunday, October 9th, Scott Hanson provides thoughts on what the candidates should be focused on. Read full article.

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