Can I Give an Inherited Retirement Account to My Mom?

    Sep 25, 2015 8:46:12 AM
    Author: Scott Hanson


    August 2015

    Your best bet may be to have the funds transferred into a "beneficiary IRA" without you ever taking possession of the money. Read Full Article.

    In this Kiplinger article, Scott Hanson answers the question about retirement, being a benefactor, and inheriting a 401(k) or pension.

    Q: I’m 37 years old and my father recently passed away and left me his 401(k), which is currently worth about $115,000. I’ve got a good job and have been giving my mom cash each month for the last few years, and so I was thinking of just giving the 401(k) account to her (at the time of his death, my parents had been separated for some time). Any suggestions?

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