Bank Stocks Will Suffer After Brexit Vote

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson provides insight on how investors can prepare for the effects of the Brexit. Read full article.

    IRS Scammers Recorded

    June 2016 Pat McClain sits down with Michael Finney of KGO radio to talk about his experience with an IRS Scammer. Listen now

    Is Your Money Safe?

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson discusses how to look into your portfolio allocations and buffers during uncertainty in the markets with CNBC's Sharon Epperson. Watch Now.

    U.S. Markets Continue to Fall After Brexit, What Should Individual Investors Do?

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson provides insight on what the individual investor should do after Brexit. Read More

    Market Pullback is a ‘Wake-up’ Call for Investors, Expert Says

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson provides his thoughts on what investors should do in the wake of the Brexit. Read More.

    IRS Scam Busted

    June 2016 

    Pat McClain and Scott Hanson sit down with Good Day Sacramento's Marianne to share their experience with an IRS scammer and how to avoid making a huge mistake. Watch Now

    Keep Calm and Diversify: Experts Share Their Post-Brexit Advice

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson discusses with CNBC how to keep your portfolio safe after the Brexit fall out. Read More.

    Bite the Bullet Trades

    June 2016 

    Investors are questioning whether their portfolios are safe in the current environment. Scott Hanson provides his thoughts on CNBC's Squawk On The Street. Watch Now.

    Brexit Vote Will Not Impact Retirement Portfolios Long-Term

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson provides insight to TheStreet on the impact the Brexit will have on retirement portfolios.  Read Full Article

    What should an investor do if the Brexit vote goes through?

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson's recent CNBC column provides investors with tips on what to do if the Brexit goes through. Read full article.

    Retirement savings mistakes courtesy of John Oliver

    June 2016

    John Oliver calls out the questionable practices of brokers in the financial industryRead More.

    Working Overtime: One in Four U.S. Retirees Will Work Beyond Age 70

    June 2016

    Working after 70 is not necessarily a bad thing if you're in good health and enjoy what you do. Scott Hanson provides insight to on working beyond age 70Read More.

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