Is your employer using your 401(k) to rip you off?

    November 2016

    Scott Hanson sheds some light on the prevalence of companies profiting off of their employees' retirement savings. Read full article.

    Here are the debate issues we deserve to hear about.

    October 2016

    As we prepare for the debate on Sunday, October 9th, Scott Hanson provides thoughts on what the candidates should be focused on. Read full article.

    Don’t Raid Retirement Accounts to Pay for Johnny’s College

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson's latest CNBC column explains why it's a bad idea to use retirement accounts to fund your kid's college expenses. Read full article.

    How To Protect Your Savings as Brexit Fallout Continues

    June 2016 

    As the Brexit fallout continues, Scott Hanson provides 4 key ways to protect your savings. Read full article.

    Kids graduated? If so, it's time to focus on your retirement.

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson's latest CNBC column provides tips for empty nesters on planning for retirement once the kids leave home. Read More

    Is Your Money Safe?

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson discusses how to look into your portfolio allocations and buffers during uncertainty in the markets with CNBC's Sharon Epperson. Watch Now.

    Market Pullback is a ‘Wake-up’ Call for Investors, Expert Says

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson provides his thoughts on what investors should do in the wake of the Brexit. Read More.

    Keep Calm and Diversify: Experts Share Their Post-Brexit Advice

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson discusses with CNBC how to keep your portfolio safe after the Brexit fall out. Read More.

    Bite the Bullet Trades

    June 2016 

    Investors are questioning whether their portfolios are safe in the current environment. Scott Hanson provides his thoughts on CNBC's Squawk On The Street. Watch Now.

    What should an investor do if the Brexit vote goes through?

    June 2016 

    Scott Hanson's recent CNBC column provides investors with tips on what to do if the Brexit goes through. Read full article.

    What Retirement? Americans Keep Working to Pursue Dreams

    May 2016

    Scott Hanson talks to CNBC's Deborah Nason about American's continuing to work in retirement. Read More

    Traditional Retirement: May It Rest in Peace

    April 2016

    Scott Hanson's recent CNBC column asks a question about modern retirement: Where do we go from here? Read full article.

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