Why Trump’s Move to Dismantle Rule Protecting Investors Isn’t a Bad Idea

    February 2017

    In his latest column, Scott Hanson talks about why he is in favor of Trump's executive order to dismantle the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule. Read more.

    The Key Mistakes Investors Make in Retirement

    May 2016

    Many Americans Don't Enjoy Retirement

    April 2016

    Most people hitting retirement age do not want the retirement of their parents' generation, yet the financial industry keeps promoting retirement like it was 1999. Read Full Article.

    What Life Is Really Like In Retirement

    March 2016

    The average retiree spends 32 hours a week watching TV. Craft a retirement plan to avoid that fate. Read Full Article.

    What's the Right Asset Allocation for Your Portfolio?

    March 2016

    Forget the traditional measurements and general rules of thumb. The right answer depends on your risk tolerance, time horizon and other factors specific to your situation. Read Full Article.

    Don't Rush to Roll That 401(k) Into an IRA

    February 2016

    The rules get tricky for people between the ages of 55 to 59½ who leave a workplace but are unsure of their future work plans. Beware of bad advice. Read Full Article.

    6 Keys to True Financial Independence

    February 2016

    Having peace of mind when it comes to your money depends on much more than your net worth. Read Full Article.

    It Pays to Know Your Pension Options

    January 2016

    You may get to choose from several options for receiving your pension. Here’s how to think it through. Read Full Article.

    Trusted Family Advisor Has You In Mind

    December 2015

    When both partners have a relationship with a family advisor, the transition after the death of a spouse can be far less painful. Here’s why. Read Full Article.

    Just Say No to Universal Life Insurance as a Retirement Fund

    December 2015

    For every one person I see who is maximizing the tax benefits, I see 10 other folks who could do a lot better by purchasing term insurance and investing the difference. Read Full Article.

    Which Retirement Savings Plans Are Best for Teachers?

    November 2015

    It’s probably best to have a diversified approach to your tax planning for retirement in the same manner you would have a diversified approach to your investments. Read full article.

    Calculating the Tax Bite When Converting a 401(k) to a Roth IRA

    November 2015

    You could pay nothing in income taxes, or you could pay the same rate as billionaires. Determine how much can be converted without bumping you into a higher tax bracket. Read Full Article.

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