The Biggest Oversight in Most Americans' Retirement Planning

    October 2015

    Don't squander your retirement watching TV. Use the skills you have learned over a lifetime to open a new era of creativity. Start a business. Write a book. Go back to college. Read Full Article.

    Asset Allocation Advice for Older Retirees

    October 2015

    Your age is just one factor in determining the right mix of investments. Read Full Article.

    Don’t Be Sentimental with Inherited Stocks

    September 2015

    Honor your beloved relative’s memory by diversifying as soon as possible. Read Full Article.

    Should I Take the Lump Sum on My Pension?

    September 2015

    Depends on your health, and whether you could get a better return by reinvesting it in an IRA. Here are the key factors to consider. Read Full Article.

    Surprising Social Security Advice for High-Income Retirees

    August 2015

    If you have a high net worth and retirement income, the surest bet may be taking benefits ASAP. Read Full Article.

    Can I Give an Inherited Retirement Account to My Mom?

    August 2015

    Your best bet may be to have the funds transferred into a "beneficiary IRA" without you ever taking possession of the money. Read Full Article.

    A 401(k) for a New College Grad? Yes!

    July, 2015

    Better still If the employer offers a Roth option. The money inside the plan will grow tax-deferred, and with the Roth, it can be withdrawn tax-free in retirement. Read more.

    Using an IRA to Make the House Payment

    July 2015

    Before you tap your IRA to pay off a mortgage, remember the money hasn't been taxed yet.  Instead, consider a "mortgage IRA." Read Full Article.

    Should You Save for Retirement in a 401(k) or Roth IRA?

    June, 2015

    All things being equal, saving the maximum into a Roth option provides the greatest chance of high, after-tax income during retirement. Read more.

    Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Off Your Mortgage

    May, 2015

    If you are in a high tax bracket, max out your 401(k), earmarking some of those dollars for a future payoff during retirement. Read more.

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